I am a mother to 3 beautiful wildflowers who keep me on my toes constantly. A wife to a man who grounds my fiery energy and a creative at heart. I've always been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember and I'm a BIG dreamer. My bucket list is miles long, but I also enjoy a slower pace of life. In the fall and winter you can find me baking fresh squishy bread and making big pots of hearty soup. In the spring and summer, my hands are always caked with dirt from tending to my ever expanding vegetable and flower gardens. I moved to Grande Prairie six years ago, trying to find independence and immediately met the love of my life. Our goal is to eventually move SOMEWHERE with water and without 8 long months of winter, but for now, this is where we call home. My passion for photography came when my oldest was about a year old. I wanted so desperately to encapsulate our lives, but the grainy iPhone pictures weren't cutting it. At that point I was filled with the need to learn and I am still learning 4 years later! That is the thing about art, there are no limitations to your potential. I started off with a vision for my brand that I am proud to say, has not wavered over time. Intimate parenthood, from maternity through birth and after are my favourite subjects. My sessions are relaxed, comfortable and carefree. Let's adventure together or sit back and sip some coffee at your favourite spot. The possibilities are endless and I can't wait to hear from you! If you've made it this far, press that little pink button and get in touch!

- Aimée